Advice and services

Tips for proper use of your diffuser

  • Avoid windows or drafts so that the scent can circulate around the area. Place the diffuser in a specific area or room to allow the scent to circulate freely.
  • Always hold the diffuser vertically so that the aroma is dispersed upwards.
  • The diffuser can only be guaranteed to work properly with the scents from Olfativa.

Preventive Maintenance

The diffusers Olfativa should be cleaned periodically to ensure optimum performance. To clean the inside of the device you should follow these steps:

1. Fill the empty canister from Olfativa that comes with the diffuser with alcohol with about 20 ml.

2. Place the alcohol canister inside your diffuser.

3. Turn on the diffuser for 15 minutes to ensure that the alcohol seeps in and cleans the entire device. the device is filtered and cleaned.

Disconnect the device from the wall and keep the diffuser in an upright position. vertical. Wipe dry with a clean cloth to remove oil residues and fingerprints. Avoid rough or abrasive materials.

Major Maintenance

The diffusers Olfativa may require replacement of parts every 1 or 2 years, depending on the preventive maintenance that has been performed. 

This maintenance is performed at your nearest branch and is recommended since the life of a diffuser can last more than 4 or 5 years.

Major maintenance consists of:

- Engine replacement

- General parts replacement

- Painting or diffuser shell replacement (does not apply to all diffusers)


To ensure safe use, consider the following precautions:
- The diffuser should always be used in an upright position. tilting the diffuser can the diffuser may cause oil to splash inside the device and affect its mechanism. mechanism.
- The diffuser is not intended for children. Its use requires adult supervision. adult supervision.
- Do not expose to moisture or use near liquids, pools or bathtubs. bathtubs. Do not use outdoors.
- Do not use with any cord other than the one provided with the diffuser.
- Position so as not to create a tripping hazard.
- Before connecting the diffuser to the outlet, verify that the voltage matches the voltage indicated for the diffuser.
voltage matches the voltage indicated for the diffuser.
- Do not use the diffuser if the aroma bottle is empty. Make sure that
that it contains aroma, or alcohol in case of maintenance cleaning.
maintenance cleaning.
- The oils are not ingestible.
- Do not apply the oils on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes, ears, nose, mouth and any part of the body, ears, nose, mouth and any part of the body. If this occurs, rinse immediately with plenty of water to remove any remaining scent. any remaining scent.
- Do not dilute with water the oils of Olfativa.


All our diffusers are warranted for 1 year starting from the date of order, however, they are excluded:

- Deterioration resulting from improper use of our diffusers and scents

- Deterioration resulting from repairs or disassembly not carried out with Olfativa.

- The consequences of the normal use or time of your diffuser.