Frequently Asked Questions


How can I smell your scents before buying?

We send the samples in the professional way of smelling a scent, in sachets. Once you open the sachet you can get a very similar sensation of how the scent will smell. We never recommend smelling scents directly as they are concentrated and differ from what they really smell like.

What if the diffuser or scent does not meet my expectations?

At Olfativa we want you to be satisfied. If the diffusers or aromas do not meet your expectations we will refund your money without question or you can exchange it for another one paying the difference if it is the case. 

Do you offer interest-free monthly payments?

Yes, you can pay through Pay Pal, you only have to register in this platform, add your AMEX, Visa or Mastercard credit card and choose to pay at 2, 6, 9 or 12 months without interest.

How long does it take for the products to arrive?

Olfativa uses DHL services. Normally it takes 3 working days. 


What is cold air diffusion technology?

Cold air diffusion is the latest technology in the perfume industry. It works by using large amounts of cold filtered air combined with air pressure to diffuse the oils into a dry nanoparticle mist. This cold air diffusion technology is used in all diffusion systems Olfativa and guarantees a consistent and subtle scent with no ups and downs.

What is the difference between a cold air diffuser and other diffusers?

Most humidifiers or ultrasonic diffusers work by heating the essential oils and sometimes involve adding water to aid in the evaporation process. Essential oils are very delicate and volatile. When heated, their therapeutic benefits are destroyed. In addition, scents that are diffused through methods involving heat do not disperse well over large areas nor does their aroma last long as the molecules fall off upon contact with cold air.

Can I use essential oils in this diffuser?

You should use only Olfativa scents because other oils and blends may contain different oils that could cause your diffusers to malfunction or clog.

Do you have diffuser rental and scent refill services?

Yes. You can request more information at or send an email to

What type of service / maintenance is required?

It is recommended to diffuse alcohol every 3 months for about 10 min. Other than that, no service or maintenance is required. The only requirement is to change the fragrance canister once empty.

Scent Oils

How long will the aromas last?

When used in the recommended configuration the bottles last approximately 400 hrs. The exact time will depend on the intensity and type of aroma.

Are the scents safe for my furniture, equipment, art and pets?

Yes. Since our units use cold air diffusion technology, there is no residue and are therefore safe to use around furniture, equipment, artwork and pets.

Can you make a custom scent for my home?

Yes, of course. A team of expert perfumers will develop a special scent for you, considering your tastes, your decoration and the objective you wish to achieve (relaxation, elegance, freshness, etc).

I spilled scent, how do I clean it?

If aroma is spilled, wipe the area (including the unit) thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol. Remember that these are undiluted essential oils and therefore should be treated with care.

Where are the scents from?

Our scents are imported by fragrance houses with more than 40 years and up to 200 years of experience and are manufactured in Grasse France, the capital of perfumery, USA and Japan.

What are their aromas like? Are they essences?

Aromas or fragrances are a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils and perfume quality aromatic oils. They are designed to maintain all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and provide maximum versatility and control of the scent environment. All of our scents are hypoallergenic, IFRA compliant and meet the highest industry safety standards.

Any questions?

If we have not yet answered your questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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